giovedì 6 novembre 2014

"The Roses Fairy"

"The Roses Fairy"


The inspiration came to me this morning, 
thinking about all the roses that I could see 
and breathe in the beautiful rose garden in Rome. 
I still have the smell in my nostrils, 
and I wanted to carry that scent on the skin.


"Blood Bank"

"Well I met you at the blood bank 
We were looking at the bags 
Wondering if any of the colors 
Matched any of the names we knew on the tags 

You said "see look thats yours! 
Stacked on top with your brother's 
See how the resemble one another 
Even in their plastic little covers" 

And I said I know it well 

That secret that you knew 
But don't know how to tell 
It fucks with your honor 
And it teases your head 
But you know that its good girl 
Cos its running you with red..."

"In a drop of Blood"

I love the color of blood , the fluidity and the one that is able to transmit , 
is intimate, is a connection. Life and death at the same time .
For me to imagine the blood flowing is like comparing the passage of time ,
 the fact of represent the blood in the photo, is a way to lock it , to stop the time.
 I use it often , and I find it fascinating , every time.
I am a person who tends to be sensitive, and all that is around me, 
I feel amplified.
My sister lives and perceive my own feelings 
( and in this case the blood is a material connection and abstract ) 
she can read my soul , and she knows that I hide from the world out there to protect me, 
we protect each other.
I think that people who mark your heart are the ones who understand you , 
that make you good and evil at the same time, 
the ones that you feel even when you are not there.
My mood is marked  in relation to what is around me , 
it's my way of life photography, see the world without limitations,
as it should be , not as they see it all.
In addition to my sister and photography, 
there isn't a particular person or thing that distinguishes me positively or negatively , 
are a variation of things , which are mixed together. 
I can say that through this series of photos, shines the most important part of me, 
suffering and melancholy , which I love and hate.
This is mainly due to the melancholy thought of having to live in a wrong world, 
living a reality that does not belong to you, accept and live there. 
To escape , I try to talk to someone or something out there that sees the world as I see it , and the only way to communicate is possible through contact with the surreal , 
telling dark fairy tales, and dreams. I use photography as a bridge between reality and imagination. Because the dream world and  fantastic , is a world extremely serious, 
more real than reality . And ' everything that I can not write .
My real life is not here, it's in a fairy tale , out there in nature, in a drop of blood.


It's up to us to choose which reality to live. 
There are those living, those who live in the middle, and those who do not live. 
What for many is invisible to their eyes. 
When you're big, you do not believe in anything, 
your mind is clouded and you see only what you want to see, 
and you think it's fair to see. The brain is foggy, smudged of worthlessness, 
of what people call experience, wisdom, culture, continuous mechanical action called life, 
in the earthly reality the superfluous is the only primary need. 
When someone tries to "save" him will tell you to come back down to earth, 
the only reality he knows, but you do not have to listen to him.
You look for the only reality that exists, not what you are experiencing now. 
Is inside yourself, is that sometimes you can feel, but you haven't never listened.
You find your key, and open the door.


love drowned.

"Dream of the Aurora Princess"

Renamed "RosaSpina" Aurora lived in the house of a lumberjack with the 3 good fairies. 
She lived with them for the last 16 years. 
She wandered in the woods, it was disguised as a peasant, 
and she communicated with the flora and fauna of the forest, 
she sang and danced. No one could recognize her. 
She was always in his favorite corner of the woods where he could converse with animals, she could sit on a swing with roses and leaves, 
sleeping and dreaming of one day of meet her prince. 
The three fairies left her free because no one could figure out who was the Princess Aurora, were aware of the spell by Maleficent on Aurora, but thought that the prophecy would not have occurred without having found the princess.

"Representation of a Painting"

"Part of Nature"

"Human Transition"

return to nature.

"Enchanted Rose"

A long time ago in a land far away, 
a young prince lived in a shining castle 
even though he had everything he could wish for, 
the prince was spoiled, selfish and bad. 
It happened, however, that a winter night 
an old beggar woman came to the castle. 
The old beggar gave the prince a rose in exchange for shelter from the bitter cold. 
The prince decided to reject the gift of the old beggar. 
He laughed and threw the gift. 
But she warned him not to be deceived by appearances, 
because the real beauty is in the heart. 
The prince rejected once again the poor old woman, 
and at that moment the ugly beggar turned, 
and there appeared a beautiful fairy. 
The prince tried to apologize. 
But it was too late, because now the fairy had seen that there was no love in his heart, 
to punish him, turned him into a hideous beast, the fairy cast a spell on the castle and all its inhabitants. 
The beast was ashamed of his monstrous appearance, 
so the beast hid in the castle with a magic mirror as the only window to the outside world. The rose was really enchanted,  pink flowered would remain so until the 21st birthday of Prince. 
If he had learned to love and be loved in turn, before the 'last petal fell, the spell would be broken. 
Otherwise would remain a beast forever.


I dreamed a dream in time gone by 
When hope was high 
And life worth living 
I dreamed that love would never die...

But the tigers come at night 
With their voices soft as thunder 
As they tear your hope apart 
And they turn your dream to shame 

But there are dreams that cannot be 
And there are storms we cannot weather 

I had a dream my life would be 
So different from this hell I'm living 
So different now from what it seemed 
Now life has killed the dream I dreamed.



"The Story of the Dancing Horses"

You turn on the music box, 
you see them run, fly, dance to each note. 
Only those who live through the eyes of a child can see them turn around, 
listen to the inexorable ride and their free spirit.

"Mental Shipwreck"

His ship didn't sink but she felt lost,
drowned in his thoughts,
his heart was full of water
she was plunged into a deep sleep
She dreamed someone.
She couldn't continue
the journey alone, his heart was ready to start again
but his mind rejected this idea, the storm was still in her.

"Dreams of Cotton candy"

I lay down in the garden, at sunset, I saw the clouds wrapped around me, 
I heard the pink bows on the face and the smell of sweetness.

"Waiting Timeless"

She would wait his pirate forever.
She dreamed of one day to meet him again,
to go away with him on his ship, plowing the sea.
To be able to live a thousand adventures.
She would wait until the last breath.
 --                            --

Not even death could tear
from his heart his greatest dream.

"A Tale of two Sister"

I was inspired by the title of a film and its soundtrack.

I thought I would reproduce the scene of the two sisters dancing holding hands, 
they are transported by the wind, under a wonderful waltz.

"Luna Park"

I can think of many sequences of stories that come out of the books in this period. 
There are many ideas that mix for the head. 
In the meantime, enjoy a ride at Luna Park.

"The Three Caravels"

Discovery of new worlds...

"The Hiding Place"

I get a lot of inspiration, but this time they are also very confused. 
Are not able to produce what I imagine, 
maybe there are too many thoughts and stress. 
I have to think a bit 'and find something interesting to this confusion.

"Opposing Forces"

"The Magic Pine Forest"

In view of Christmas, I thought I'd play a mini forest in the bedroom, 
inside my dress, with the snow falling. 
To dream of those who chose not to live longer, 
to close the doors to that child inside of them. 
In order to impress the people with the simplicity with more heart. 
To live every day my fairy tale. to be a fairy in the woods, 
or the princess of some kingdom. 
To have no limits to thank once again  of a wonderful Christmas 
with my family and my world.

Merry Christmas! ◕ ‿ ◕

"Unexpected End"

Ps: From the moment I completed editing on photoshop I love this photo. 
I'm too happy! : D I hope you like it too who follow me!

"Arrivals of the Birds"

The flock of flamingos
stood out against the sky,
began to turn a shade of bright
orange for the upcoming sunset, 
we breathed a feeling of freedom
in the big pond, the dance was
about to begin, the song of swans
accompanied by the croaking of frogs,
fireflies lit as streetlights,
the flapping of the wings
of the pink flamingos,
the eggs were about to hatch,
and the little chicks would have known life.