giovedì 6 novembre 2014


It's up to us to choose which reality to live. 
There are those living, those who live in the middle, and those who do not live. 
What for many is invisible to their eyes. 
When you're big, you do not believe in anything, 
your mind is clouded and you see only what you want to see, 
and you think it's fair to see. The brain is foggy, smudged of worthlessness, 
of what people call experience, wisdom, culture, continuous mechanical action called life, 
in the earthly reality the superfluous is the only primary need. 
When someone tries to "save" him will tell you to come back down to earth, 
the only reality he knows, but you do not have to listen to him.
You look for the only reality that exists, not what you are experiencing now. 
Is inside yourself, is that sometimes you can feel, but you haven't never listened.
You find your key, and open the door.

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